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the queen of inbetween

The bubbly blondes thought eating mashed potatoes and rice in the same meal was gross.

The message was clear to me: I wasn’t allowed to embrace my Filipino traditions along with my American upbringing.

The older I got, the more expectations I came across.

It happened when I realized I am extroverted while struggling with crippling anxiety.

It happened when I realized I was bisexual while still also being spiritual.


It happened when my heart broke when I held my lifeless baby in my arms while still trying to find purpose.

Always, I gravitated to stories and characters. Wonder Woman. Arya Stark. Mulan. Maybe that’s why fantasy, contemporary and magical realism stories will always hold my heart.

After a lifetime of loss and high expectations, I see now that I’m all of it. I get to choose my place.

To the hyphenated and the hybrids, the misunderstood and the lost, there’s a place for you…and you get to choose.

Are you ready to create your place?



Fantasy. Reality. Truth.

What are you writing now?
In this retelling of a Filipino folktale, Maria Makiling has taken on forbidden magic darkness, but finds a way to use both light and dark to help the Philippine revolution and break the idea that she has to choose between two worlds.

Why are you the one to write this story?
I am Filipino-American and also feel like I walk between worlds. I feel very strongly about representing my culture and history. And I like to believe that I’ve got a little magic in me somewhere.

What prompted you to write this story?
I originally got the idea when trying to write a short story that was supposed to be a fairytale retelling. I thought it would be great if I could use a Filipino one. Turns out, there’s not much out there in the way of Filipino stories, particularly in western culture. I then thought it would be really cool if somehow a folktale was directly tied into the Philippine Revolution, which most people in the western hemisphere haven’t heard about. Boom. Idea!


When do you expect it to be completed?
I am currently in deep revision and will submit to agents who have requested the manuscript.

What does your writing process look like?
I try to get in the zone with music. I believe in channeling my inner kid/goddess to inspire me. Often, I try to watch things that inspire me. But for the most part, I sit down and I write a list of things that I need to look at. Then I’ll read the last few notes of things I worked on. Music is often the biggest thing for me.

What training and development have you received?
I’ve been to several conferences, read many craft books, spoken to and befriended many authors, and am proud to be part of the Calliope Writing Coach Inner Circle!

What would you like to accomplish with your writing?
I would love it if my books were able to give readers the escape I found when I needed it in rough times in my life. I would also love to be able to bring a little meaning to the world, a little fun, and lot of magic!

How has writing this book affected your views?
This has given me many insights into what the revolution really did for the Filipinos. It has been such an honor to connect with my roots, to dive deep into characters with enriching backgrounds, and to understand on a deep level the aspects that my heritage has had on me!

What have you learned in researching this topic?
So so much about Philippine history! I was also able to develop a magic system based on something I have always believed in. I also learned about the setting in the Philippines and much more about the culture.

What actions would you like your readers to take after reading your book?
I hope they are able to connect with sides of themselves that they hadn’t thought about before. I would also love to see more awareness brought to my fellow Filipinos and Filipino-Americans.





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